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A technology that adapts to your strategy

Deon Digital leverages more than 10 years of academic research, a world-class R&D team, and the power of distributed ledger technology to turn paper contracts into automatically managed digital contracts.  

Contracts are at the core of a company covering all its operational aspects: sales/purchase, production, salaries, loans, insurance, pensions, transportation, mobility, logistics, energy, etc.  

Deon Digital technology captures them all; it stores, executes and monitors digital contracts securely, privately, and automatically.  It dramatically reduces the amount of human and economic resources lost in translation from company strategy to contracts to verified IT systems.


With our technology and business network you will be able to decide what data you share with whom. Privacy and fluid business interactions are no longer mutually exclusive.


React faster to new business opportunities without the burden of data redundancies and inconsistencies, reconciliation efforts, high number of interfaces, and ever-increasing complexity.


Digital Contracts and Distributed Ledger Technology will provide you and your business partners with one single source of truth, transparency, surefire transaction history, and instant execution.


Fully digitalized contracts and processes

Deon Digital product suite includes a brand new Contract Specification Language (CSL) based on more than 10 years of research and development. Thanks to CSL, you and your business partners will be able to write digital contracts readable by humans and machines alike.

We’ll take care of the business network operations bringing to your business all the advantages of Distributed Ledger Technology.

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Road to success

Find below some of the most important applications of our technology.

Digital Derivatives

Deon Digital’s Contract Specification Language (CSL) allows defining Digital Derivatives contracts that are constructed based on FpML data and CDM trade flow process standards.

Supply chain

A platform for the precious metals industry. Track, trace, and trade precious metals with a few clicks. We work with industry leaders to assure that privacy, security, and efficiency standards are met.

Internet of Mobility

We’re enabling carriers to bundle new services in the most flexible way possible, as well as allowing real time failure management in case of delays and cancellations.