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We are a market-leading provider of Green Finance Technology and Digital Capital Market Technology.

Our mission is to revolutionize capital market infrastructure for Green Finance challenges through hyper-automation and intelligent digitalization, extending seamlessly throughout the front, middle, and back offices. Our solution caters to all stakeholders within the asset lifecycle. The technology is especially fit for Green Finance (Green Bonds, Carbon Markets) due to much higher transparency and information requirements as well as the need to connect non-financial services market participants.

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SFI System

a multi-asset platform

The SFI (Smart Financial Instrument) System facilitates issuing, trading, settlement, and lifecycling for financial assets or securities.

The SFI System is a toolbox of elementary capital market services. It provides a set of workflows, processes, and underlying technical infrastructure to manage the different phases of the digital asset and security lifecycle. The SFI System offers flexible configuration of the digital assets- and securities-specific workflows and lifecycles.

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Competitive Advantage

First contract technology combining data, logic, and audit trail

Short time-to-market

New workflows, digital assets, and securities can be implemented within 4 months.

Contract automation

AI for automated document and contract management, boosting efficiency across legal entities.

Contract lifecycle

Enables full visibility and analytics of past & future contract lifecycle events.

Industry grade software

Our cloud-ready software is trusted by investment banks and exchanges.

Green Finance Technology

carbon markets & more

Our platform revolutionizes the green finance and carbon market technology landscape by guiding users from project initiation to retirement, encompassing validation, verification, and registration phases for enhanced integrity and transparency. We cater to a diverse range of asset classes, including Carbon Credits, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), and Green Bonds. Our comprehensive suite of functions includes a Voluntary Carbon Market Exchange for dynamic trading, a Carbon Registry to maintain records, and supply chain provenance to track the journey of each asset. The platform facilitates efficient trading and settlement, ensuring liquidity and market access. Moreover, our solution offers complete visibility into the asset lifecycle, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and optimize their environmental and financial impact.

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