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#1 transaction lifecycle and analytics platform for automated management of complex business processes, eliminating the data reconciliation effort.

Solving the reconciliation challenge through our contract technology. Our technology manages your business processes and eliminates data reconciliation through a fully interoperable Single Source of Truth and transaction lifecycle platform. We turn contractual processes into software, transforming contracts into machine-processable form. This empowers multiple user networks – distributed ledger technology, blockchain or central user networks to collaborate securely and efficiently. Deon Digital enables complex, high-volume transactions to scale. We provide legally resilient, mathematically verifiable applications.

Because contracts are at the core of every industry, interacting with most of their core business processes,  the Deon Digital technologies and applications can be used in many different industries. So far, these technologies have been successfully applied in capital markets, logistics, insurance, and supply chain management.

Competitive Advantage

First real contract technology combining data, logic and audit trail

Contract technology

First real contract technology combining data, logic and audit trail precisely specified by a domain-specific language CSL

Horizontal automation

Provides the golden source of data for legally binding horizontal automation leading to 80% less data reconciliation

Contract lifecycle

Enables full visibility and analytics of past & future contract lifecycle events

Bridging CeFi and DeFi

Connecting existing centralized finance (CeFi) decision making systems with decentralized finance (Defi) technology


Contract technology connecting existing CeFi with emerging DeFi technology​

Deon Digital’s core technology is deeply rooted in academic research.  Deon Digital’s own smart legal contract specification language (CSL) defines data and contract logic. It is a process-oriented language to design, formalize, and execute digital contracts and business processes, which are easy to use and fast to adapt with lower coding know-how. Our Report specification language (RSL) allows a user to define reports (i.e. queries) to track the status, the next expected events and history of the contract. Deon Digital’s automatic API generator enables easy integration into most widely used application programming environments, e.g., JSON APIs, JVM APIs. Interoperability with centralized & decentralized systems is enabled by Deon Digital’s adapters.

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Smart Financial Instrument

Combines all elements

A self-contained digital representation of a financial instrument allows issuer to make sure their product is being faithfully executed in the market.

  • Data, interpretation & logic are fully represented digitally in a Smart Financial Instrument (SFI)
  • SFI contains all events, actions, rules and parties for the entire instrument lifecycle
  • SFI is executable on various platforms of market participants
  • SFI acts as a Smart Golden Source i.e., as smart data 

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Road to success

Large enterprises in various industries benefit from Deon’s Technology and Business Solutions

Digital Bond Issuance Platform

A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for issuers and arranger banks to automate bond pre-issuance, issuance and lifecycle processes.

Structured Products Issuance Platform

A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for the issuance workflow, management of the legal documentation  and automation of lifecycle events of structured products.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Platform

A digital end-to-end platform for tokenization of commercial real estate loans that supports a completely digital representation of their  life-cycle, from legal inception, funding, coupon payment, information events, to final redemption.

Registered Shares Issuance and Life Cycle Management

A digital share register that assists clients to raise equity more easily and to automate processing of all relevant corporate actions.

Insurance Claims Management

Claims management with fast legacy portfolio integration and claims audit and due diligence that applies  data analytics and machine learning technology to the historical claims ledger to reassess and optimize future liabilities.

Mobility Digital Tickets Bundling

Enable carriers to bundle new services in the most flexible way possible, as well as allowing real time failure management in case of delays and cancellations.

Digital Logistic Terminal

Realizes the vision of a fully automated logistic terminal where systems, autonomous driving trucks and other actors communicate digitally along the whole process.

Digitalizing the Precious Metal Industry

A platform for the global precious metal industry to provide the industry a digital product standard. It solves the today’s challenges along the value-chain of gold and connects the stakeholders of the bullion market, so they speak the same data language.

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