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UI/UX Software Developer

Deon Digital is looking to extend its team with a self-reliant senior web UI/UX developer with strong computer science qualifications.

Centrally located in Copenhagen, you will join a group of 12+ developers, who work in self-organizing teams and are driven by excellence in delivering first-class software. We employ state-of-the-art development tools and methods to solve real problems for clients and partners. At Deon Digital, we currently use a number of programming languages, including Haskell, Kotlin, TypeScript, Clojure, and ClojureScript.

You are driven by a desire to write great quality software and provide clean and effective user interfaces for our clients. You’re able to work in a small team with a loose, friendly, and informal atmosphere. Preferably you have an interest in functional programming and programming language design. You work primarily with web technologies and have experience with web frameworks such as React.

You will

  • take ownership and lead the design and development of user interfaces for both new and existing projects;
  • guide our clients on the full journey, from requirements gathering to implemented solutions;
  • design and develop user interfaces for client projects;
  • work with clients and partners in specifying solutions to UI problems and wishes;
  • build knowledge and competence within your field and share your knowledge; and
  • contribute in general to design, prototyping, and development of projects.

You bring a solid foundation in computer science, with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. You can work independently and can confidently contribute to the design and implementation of state-of-the-art user interfaces. You have documented experience with designing and implementing user interfaces in collaboration with clients. Furthermore, you also have experience with building production-grade customer-facing graphical user interfaces.

Our corporate language is English and therefore excellent verbal and written communication skills in English are a requirement.

We offer a comprehensive and competitive salary depending on your academic and professional qualifications. Our company values diversity and inclusion and all applications will be considered based on merit and regardless of color, gender, cultural or national origin.

Your application should include your CV, academic and professional qualifications, and other things you’d be proud to show us, such as blog posts, source code, etc. and be sent to jesper.andersen[at]deondigital.com.

Deon Digital becomes a founding member of INATBA

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