Press Release: Joint Venture D|G|TAL

D|G|TAL: New player to kickstart a digital factory for the insurance industry


Gossmann & Cie. and Deon Digital start joint venture to build a digital factory for the insurance industry 

D|G|TAL: New player to kickstart a digital factory for the insurance industry

  • Liability Management company Gossmann & Cie. and Swiss/Danish high-tech company Deon Digital announce in Baden-Baden a joint venture to build a digital factory for the insurance industry
  • Joint Venture D|G|TAL (DGTAL) to combine Deon’s proprietary technology, AI, and machine learning capabilities with the Gossmann’s expertise in portfolio and claims management
  • New player about to launch ground-breaking tool to audit claims portfolios


Baden-Baden, 20th October 2021. Liability manager Gossmann & Cie. and Deon Digital, a high-tech software company based in Copenhagen and Zurich, have agreed to pool their expertise in a joint venture. 

The new company called D|G|TAL (DGTAL) aims to pioneer the back-office of insurers by building a digital factory that offers insurers the possibility to use applications along with their existing systems in order to fast-track and optimize core processes such as claims audit and claims management. The digital factory will be set up as a Software-as-a-Service platform that allows insurers to take immediate advantage of digital instruments without having modernized their complete IT landscape. Thus, insurers can obtain an immediate and meaningful performance boost in their back-office operations without having to invest time and resources. DGTAL uses its own programming standard which has been developed to support typical processes in the financial industry. The technology of the digital factory relies on proprietary technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and the latest computing and storage facilities.

“DGTAL addresses the main observations and challenges of the industry: the need for digitisation and the fact that insurers have an enormous experience which is captured within their own data” says Arndt Gossmann, founder, and CEO of Gossmann & Cie. 


Digital factory to launch Claims Audit Engine

The Claims Audit Engine translates scanned documents into machine-readable text that subsequently allows to have all information available as smart data and to use it as easily as a Google search. In particular, combining organized claims data already available with the digitised content of claims files (including unstructured data such as photos, emails, medical records etc.) offers completely new ways to manage claims and portfolios. The Claims Audit Engine is capable to decode 90 per cent of content of the scanned documents, to recognize the type of document and even to understand its tonality. 

Dr Florian Herzog, CTO of Deon Digital AG: “The Claims Audit Engine allows for a full scan of a claims portfolio which in turn allows to ask qualitative questions such as ‘which claims files have a low reservation although medical correspondence indicates a potential spinal injury.’ It works as simply as a Google request. The insight is immense, and insurers can actually take corrective actions to improve their reserving and claims-handling.“ The smart data output is accessible in various ways including Excel, Tableau, or Power BI. The Claims Audit Engine can also be used in the course of due diligences or to run claims audits. It takes only a few days to digitise and to analyse a portfolio. It is already operational for Motor insurance and can be quickly adapted to other lines of businesses. 

Gossmann & Cie. has worked with Deon Digital on developing these solutions, providing extensive expertise in evaluating legacy portfolios and in claims handling. The goal of the cooperation that started in 2019 was to boost accuracy in evaluating portfolios, to enable automation and to improve performance in claims management. 

Software development and testing in the recent past have led to a near doubling of high-tech jobs at Deon Digital Denmark A/S in Copenhagen where the technology will be developed further. The project has been supported by the Innobooster Program of the Innovation Fund Denmark. “DGTAL will operate throughout Europe and is aiming to further increase job creation for expert software development and data analytics as future modules and capabilities of the new tool are being developed” says Dirk Sebald, CEO and Co-Founder of Deon Digital.

“A global insurance company knows probably more about its risks than Amazon knows about its customers. But insurers don’t leverage this. That is why the market value of Amazon is much higher. The better valuation of Silicon Valley companies is related to the fact that they are able to exploit and use their entire data knowledge. This should be the mission of the insurance industry. Digitisation offers an enormous potential for insurers”, says Arndt Gossmann, founder and CEO of Gossmann & Cie. 

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About DGTAL 

DGTAL is a Swiss-based software and data analytics company that combines longstanding insurance expertise with top talent in the software development and data analytics technology to develop proprietary solutions that increase the insights from insurance data.

About Deon Digital

Deon Digital is a high-tech software company that invented the Contract Specification Language (CSL). It enables clients to build platforms to issue full-cycle digital contracts for end-to-end automated business processes between companies. Deon Digital leverages over ten years of research in the field of digital contracts and distributed ledger technology. 35 high-class developers, software engineers and data scientists work here. The company supports clients in the financial industry on a global scale with offices in Zurich, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, and Munich.

About Gossmann & Cie.

Gossmann & Cie. is a liability management company, founded in 2018 by Arndt Gossmann, a renowned expert for restructuring legacy business in Europe. The company provides holistic and intuitive data-driven solutions for the management of insurance risk-related liabilities, thus supporting financial institutions, insurers, intermediaries, institutional investors, and other entities by structuring, managing and assuming risks with the objective of refining their portfolios and to optimizing their capital allocation.


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