Smart Financial Instrument

SFI Introduction

This video provides a short overview of the SFI system, which is a fully integrated solution to manage digital assets along the entire lifecycle from issuance to final settlement. The video outlines the key technological aspects, the business components and offers a quick walk through the SFI system.

SFI Issuance

In this video an issuance of a digital asset is shown. We have chosen a fixed rate bond to exemplify how a digital asset in form of a Smart Financial Instrument (SFI) gets created, validated, registered and booked onto the securities accounts.

SFI Trading and Settlement

This video focuses on how easy digital assets can get offered and transacted among market participants in a risk less and instant (t+0) Delivery versus Payment (DvP) approach.

SFI Lifecycle Management

This video demonstrates how easy digital asset lifecycle events can get handled and automated. It shows how a coupon payment of a fixed rate bond is prepared and conducted on the SFI system.