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A world class team for cutting edge solutions

With more than 35 high performing talents with proven track records, Deon Digital is in pole position to drive the next technological breakthrough. The majority of our team members work with a strong Research and Development Background.

To allow for fluid strategic planning, a necessary ingredient when it comes to innovation, we award to each of our team members freedom in exchange for responsibility to perform. We deliver productivity through context rather than control. We believe in highly aligned teams, loosely organized.

  • Founded in 2017 to develop smart legal contract technology deeply rooted in academic research. First full-stack application delivered in 2018
  • HQ in Switzerland, R&D hub in Denmark, sales offices in Germany and Hong Kong
  • Team of 35+ smart legal contract, and financial industry experts, 72% tech personnel
  • Use Cases for Smart Legal Contracts in 6+ industries
  • Founder, employee and advisory board member-owned (majority)

Our Values


We are happy to contribute effectively outside our specialization and we love to learn eagerly and rapidly. We are exhibiting bias-to-action and are avoiding analysis-paralysis.


We are passionate about our ambitious goals. We inspire others with our thirst for action and are celebrating wins together.


We love approaching challenges from an unconventional angle. We either succeed or we learn valuable lessons. We enjoy discovering practical solutions to hard problems.


We work for our customers with integrity. We are honest, down to earth, know what we can do and where we come from.


We are not focusing on ego-action but concentrate on accomplishing what is best for the company as a team. We are making time to help each other out and share information openly and proactively.


With our skill to think strategically we are making wise decisions and are able to identify root causes and get beyond treating symptoms.

Work with us - Join our journey

Deliver Business Solutions

We are engaged in several bespoke client projects where our Technology is solving specific business problems. We are also building Deon Business Solutions to service many clients.

Deliver Core Technology Products

We are expanding our core technology products that are the foundation for business solutions. Products include domain-specific language design and implementation,  financial instrument modelling, distributed technology and ledger design & integration.

Technology Research

We try out new concepts that we believe will bring future value to our customers. Some of them may lead to new Core Technology products. We collaborate closely with universities and engage individuals for their thesis and PhDs.


Christian Altmann

Chief Executive Officer, CEO
More than 28 years’ experience in program management and delivering technology solutions to financial services industry; Successful delivery of transformation programs across international/cross functional teams; Strong background in implementing governance processes and performance metrics to ensure value creation.

Dirk Sebald

Chief Group Officer CGO, Member of the Board, Founder
More than 30 years' experience in technology and financial markets. Founder of axzoom, former Group Head Innovation at SIX Group, CEO of Adesso (IPO), CEO of Cognos, and DACH Managing Director at WordPerfect. Holder of an MBA.

Dr. Florian Herzog

Chief Technology Office, CTO, President of the Board, Founder
More than 15 years' work experience in financial markets, Cofounder and former CEO of swissQuant Group. Researcher at ETH Zurich. Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance from ETH Zurich.

Prof. Dr. Fritz Henglein

Head of Research
Almost 40 years’ academic research and industrial technology in algorithmic, semantic and logical aspects of programming and domain-specific languages with applications to smart contracts, decentralized systems, financial markets, enterprise systems, high-performance computing and more.

Dr. Roman Tuor

Chief Product Officer CPO
More than 20 years’ of work experience in the financial services industry, developed and implemented innovative and industry leading banking systems. Streamlined and digitalized business processes. Managed strategic, large scale projects, built and lead risk management and quant teams and organizations.


Adam Schønemann

Software Developer
Professional full stack software developer. Academic specialization in functional programming languages, e.g., DSL’s, FRP and Haskell.

Agata Anna Murawska, PhD

Software Developer
Software developer with background in formal verification and programming languages design. In the last couple of years, Agata has developed an interest in financial engineering, focusing on life- cycling various financial instruments. More recently, her focus has been shifting towards green finance, and supporting emerging new products in the carbon market.

Anders Lau Olsen

Software Developer
Computer systems engineer specializing in robot programming systems and related planning and optimization problems. In recent years, Anders has been developing software for booking applications, insurance claims handling and real estate loans.

Arendse Skovmøller

Office Manager Denmark
More than 8 years of experience gained in various positions requiring IT understanding and expertise; Practical experience in office management and administration.

Bjørn Bugge Grathwohl, PhD

Software Developer
Academic background in research within the domains of language design, automata theory and types. Work in all aspects of software development: language design, cloud infrastructure, CI/CD solutions, and back-/frontend application development.

Jakob Ambeck Vase

Software Developer
Over 8 years’ experience in software development. Experienced in maintaining and improving old, large code bases, as well as with building full-fledged applications from scratch. Experience with UI design and translation of user wants into user needs. Advocate for iterative approaches.

Jesper Andersen, PhD

Senior Software Developer and Architect
Enjoys applying results from research in computer science and in particular program analysis and transformation in his daily software development. Previosuly worked on high-volume, high availability payment systems, product configuration systems, as well as fitness-tracking.

Kristian Olesen

Software developer
Computer systems engineer specializing in robot programming systems and related planning and optimization problems. In recent years, software development for booking applications, insurance, real estate, and more.

Laurits Lenz Lisbjerg-Jensen

Software Developer
Almost finished BSc in Computer Science, very much interested in learning more about the new generation of smart technologies and how they can be used in creating fully fledged digital platforms. Loves problem solving, has passion for developing digital solutions for the financial sector.

Mikkel Breinbjerg Thomsen

Software Developer
Professional software developer for 15+ years. Masters degree from University of Copenhagen with a specialization in programming language systems and design. Has previously worked with ERP systems and Health Management systems before joining Deon Digital.

Robin Schiess

Assistant to Management
Student Business Administration who is working part time at Deon to develop his practical skills and experiences. He is working repeatedly with Deon for over 5 years.

Soraya Bachmann

HR & Office Manager Switzerland
More than 35 years’ experience in Office Management and 21 years self-employed in personal development. Founder/Owner of the brand Masterchange®.

Ulrik Rasmussen, PhD

Software Developer
Professional software developer with prior experience in ERP systems. Academic research background with specialization in programming languages and high-performance stream processing.

Yves Schenk

Finance and Accounting
More than 20 years’ work experience in finance and accounting and various mandates, acting as CFO. Member of the Board of trustees pension fund. Founder/Owner of the company Schenk Finance & Consulting GmbH, St. Gallen/Switzerland.

Advisory Board and Board of Directors

Khalid Rangoonwala

Ludwig Fresenius

Dr. Martin Weckwerth

Michael Hochgürtel

Prof. Dr. Reto Francioni

Stefan Benz


Deon Digital AG
Herostrasse 9
8048 Zurich


Deon Digital Denmark A/S
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Overgaden Oven Vandet 10, 1.
1415 Copenhagen K

Hong Kong

Deon Digital Hong Kong Ltd.
22/F, 3 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai


Deon Digital Deutschland GmbH
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80802 Munich

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