Values are what we value

Who we are

A world class team for a world class technology

With more than 45 high performing talents with proven track records, located across 4 offices and 2 continents, Deon Digital is in pole position to drive the next technological breakthrough.

To allow for a fluid strategic planning, a necessary ingredient when it comes to innovation, we award to each of our team members freedom in exchange for responsibility to perform. We deliver productivity through context rather than control. We believe in highly aligned teams, loosely organized.


Dirk Sebald

Cofounder and CEO

Dr. Florian Herzog

Cofounder and CTO

Prof. Dr. Fritz Henglein

Head of Research

René Flor

Chief Sales Officer

Christian Altmann

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Roman Tuor

Head of Financial Services

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Reto Francioni

Khalid Rangoonwala

Pascal Forster

Ludwig Fresenius

Michael Hochgürtel

Board of Directors

Dr. Florian Herzog – Dirk Sebald

Dr. Martin Weckwerth – Tecla Solari – Stefan Benz


Deon Digital AG
Max-Högger-Strasse 6
8048 Zurich


Deon Digital Denmark A/S
Brøstes gård
Overgaden Oven Vandet 10, 1.
1415 Copenhagen K


Deon Digital Deutschland GmbH
Leopoldstr. 8
80802 München

Hong Kong

Deon Digital Hong Kong Ltd.
22/F, 3 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai