Digital platform for precious metals

What it does

Track, trace, and trade precious metals

Precious metals trading is still largely executed as before the internet with people on the phone, contracts being sent via fax, and inconsistent information being kept in different databases. All of which generates high reconciliation costs and keeps Traders from doing what they do best – generate value.

Using Deon Digital technology, aXedras is bringing the precious metals trading industry into the era of the digital economy – track, trace, and trade precious metals in compliance with industry and regulatory standards with minimal effort and cost.

Deon Digital and aXedras are heralding the transformation of the precious metals industry by developing a technology solution to meet the increasing challenges of operating in a global economy in a cost-effective and
compliant manner.


Simplifies and accelerates the transactional processes among parties, thus allowing for time and resources to be invested in what matter most – providing the best service for the client.


Track and trace of postproduction lifecycle of precious metals in compliance with LBMA requirements, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of the owners.


Thanks to Deon Digital technology running on DLT, easy access and participation in the platform is ensured at the lowest effort and cost within the industry.


A business to business interface

The trace, track, and trade of precious metals is rendered possible through the combination of a resource layer on which the location lifecycle is published and a confidential peer-to-peer contract layer that processes business obligations while meeting industry confidentiality requirements and still allowing for reconciliation in case of dispute.

Registered members can use a flexible and cost efficient solution that is dedicated to their needs to tap into the prime technology and benefits of the platform, while maintaining their complete market independence and focus on core competencies.

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What is aXedras

aXedras is a technology startup incorporated in Switzerland. As a joint venture of BFI Capital Group Inc. and Deon Digital AG, aXedras was founded for the purpose of reengineering the processes and contractual relationships between the participants in the global precious metals industry.