Direct Sales Analytics

What is it

The solution for direct sales analytics

Today solutions cannot visualize efficiently the genealogy of your direct sales network. Direct sales is about the people you value. Our dashboard provides your sales partners the best in class visualization of their respective downline.

They will be able to analyse the value of the transactions in their downline without leaving the dashboard, whether on desktop or mobile. In real time, your sales partners will be able to identify their most valuable customers while you will know who needs your support the most.

Enable your sales partner to review their commissions in a transparent and trusted manner.



Thanks to our technology your network will be fully equipped to seize the advantages of modern machine learning technologies.


Your sales partners decide whether to host their data on their own premises or in the cloud.


The calculation of commissions is fully transparent thanks to Digital Contracts.


A business network for direct sales

Direct sales analytics is rendered possible thanks to Deon Digital’s proprietary technology: Digital Contracts define which sales partner is placed in which downline, which end-customer transactions are allocated, which commission has been rewarded, and last but least they manage the entire execution within a piece of software.

Thanks to a distributed database, your sales partners can opt-in to host their data themselves and further ecosystems’ partners can be onboarded to the direct sales network. For example, the distribution partner of the direct sales network and the direct sales company jointly manage their inventory levels via an own Digital Contract.

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