Digital contract solutions in logistics


Longer cycle times due to manual interactions and silos

Logistic processes often imply huge coordination effort and contract reconciliation by the involved parties. Many processes are still paper based or need manual interaction by humans.

Another problem is that most parties involved in the value chain are technically-speaking isolated and only little collaboration benefits are realised. This approach causes data silos, manual reconciliation efforts in every involved IT system and longer cycle times.

The ongoing digitalisation sets logistic companies even more under pressure: Efficiency can only be increased if processes across companies are aligned. As a result, cycle times are optimised and costs are reduced due to less human interaction.


Secure competitive and efficient core business

Deon Digital’s contract technology can be used for realizing the vision of a fully automated logistic industry. For example, we build secure communication platforms where logistic companies and their IT systems can communicate digitally with each other.

Our mission is to establish an ecosystem with several independent logistics partners where logistic processes along the whole value chain can be managed digitally by applying one communication protocol.

By using Deon Digital’s contract technology, logistics processes across firm boarders can be fully integrated into one smart IT infrastructure. This approach enables further to conduct empirical research such as data analytics for identifying critical bottlenecks in the value chain.


Smart & Efficient

Transfer of data (e.g. bill of orders, etc.) from one IT system to another is done automatically as the involved parties are connected with each other through the Deon Digital communication system. Therefore, no physical exchange of papers is needed anymore.


Track and trace of partners‘ duties and actions so that the entire ecosystem works free from interference. For example, at every point in time, actors can audit the status of the process.

Cost Reduction

Thanks to Deon Digital’s contract technology logistic partners can focus on their core business. Infrastructure related issues and processes across companies are managed by Deon Digital technology and its digital contracts.

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