Internet of Mobility


Mobility as a Service

Modern cities and growing urban areas are urging mobility providers to move towards innovative, interconnected, and seamless service offerings. This kind of mobility services is referred to as Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

MaaS is not only about providing access to multimodal transportation, but should also include door to door travel with one ticket, last mile integration, failure management, and last but not least seamless ancillary
services integration.


Enterprises share data without losing control over it. Service providers will regain autonomy of their business and data since no central party can access all data.


Thanks to Deon Digital technology enterprises will be able to automate processes, i.e., real time failure management handling in case of delays or cancellations.


Internet of Mobility is an open and secure network, it’s not a central market and it’s not a data exchange. It allows exploring new revenue streams through new, seamless collaborations.


Contract Specification Language and DLT

Our technology offers a full development suite and our Contract Specification Language which merge with the power of Distributed Ledger Technology to enable the emergence of a digital business-to-business network.

Subscribed members can use a flexible and cost-efficient solution that is dedicated to their needs to connect with other players on the platform in order to exchange services, value, and information while still retaining control over their own data and processes.

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