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CSL Language Guide

Specify contracts

specify the contract using our domain specific language CSL

The Deon Digital Contract Specification Language (CSL) is a formal language that allows legal contracts to be described as a set of rules to be followed by the parties to the contract. Parties may include persons, groups, companies, or other legal entities. The contract specifies the rights and obligations of the parties over time, but it is not a program that carries out obligations on its own. Partially-fulfilled contracts are themselves represented as CSL contracts, allowing the same tools to be used for contracts prior to and during fulfillment.

Manage contracts

manage the contract from an application or legacy system

Unlike smart contracts, CSL contracts are not programs that move money around on their own. Just like an ordinary business contract, a CSL contract describes obligations, while other business processes continue to be responsible for living up to said obligations. Deon Digital’s APIs allow integration with existing systems to track the state of contractual obligations and warn about potential violations before it’s too late. The logic that governs contractual obligations can be inspected and verified independently by all parties to the contract.

Manage resources

manage the resources, i.e. transaction of money, assets, rights

CSL separates the lifecycle of a contract, i.e. the sequence of events, from the transfer of resources (money, assets, rights, etc.). This design allows resources to be modelled  as tokens or account-based representations of assets or money which interact with contracts that determine the rules that govern the transfers of these resources. The resources are managed by the Deon resource manager or external resource managers such as the settlement systems, which can interact with CSL contracts.

AI Document Management

key data extraction and automation

Our asset and security solutions are complemented by a AI document management module. It reduces onboarding time by smart data extractions from paper contracts and allows for automation of client processes. The module is powered by the latest generative AI models.

How it works

Legal contract documentation

Legal basis, specifies the digital asset, human- and machine-readable smart legal contract

Smart legal contract data

Data about the digital asset is extracted and validated from the legal documentation. It ensures consistency between legal documentation and its digital representation. The data gets injected into Deon Digital CSL templates to correctly parametrize the specific digital asset to be instantiated and, when necessary, registered.

Lifecycle process & logic

The smart legal contract holds the relevant lifecycle process & logic as an in-code version of the legal terms.

Key Benefits


Simplifies and automates transactional processes among parties, allowing them to focus on their core business, freeing up resources of reconciliation effort and time


Toolbox for digital contract modelling powered by template and building block library


The first successfully assessed technology for suitability and compliance under the EU DLT TSS regulation.


Enables execution of parallel digital processes using the standard cryptographic techniques of the Internet, avoiding the need for a complicated consensus mechanism


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