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The capital market industry is navigating through a period of significant change and facing multiple challenges. There is a growing demand for more efficient, straight-through processing to streamline operations. Regulatory demands are increasing, with a heightened focus on documentation, risk management, and customer verification (KYC), adding layers of complexity. Moreover, the industry grapples with the high costs and inefficiencies of outdated, isolated systems. This setup complicates financial transactions, often leading to errors throughout the lifecycle of financial instruments. Additionally, there is a noticeable lack of advanced simulation and analysis tools for assessing real contract risks, due to inadequate models. The sector is also racing to adapt to emerging asset classes and instruments, like digital currencies and decentralized finance, which are challenging the capacities of traditional systems. These evolving dynamics underscore the need for more integrated, flexible, and technologically advanced solutions to meet the current and future demands of the capital markets.

Our technology is crafted to address such challenges in traditional capital markets and beyond. We have successfully tackled issues in capital markets, insurance, real estate, supply chain, and logistics. Some innovative solutions are described further below.

Digital Bonds

an issuance platform

A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to offer services for issuers and arranger banks to automate the bond pre-issuance, issuance, and lifecycle processes. The integration into the bank’s legacy systems is seamless through standardized interfaces.

The London-based venture was co-founded by the former managing director of Barclay’s public sector global finance division and is backed by the founder of ICAP.



Decrease bond issuance time-to-market.

Reduce Risk

Reduce settlement risk and failures.


Legally-compliant bond representation.

Structured Products

an issuance platform

A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to offer services in relation to the issuance and management of Structured Products. The services include the digitisation of the workflow environment, creation & management of the legal documentation of structured products, and the management and automation of lifecycle events.



Optimize and improve product time-to-market.

Enhance Universe

Increase the issuance capabilities of certificates

Reduce Risk

Reduce operational risks arising from manual activities

Registered Shares

issuance and lifecycle management

A register designed for founders and investors, this tool aids in the unambiguous recording of ownership for registered shares through automated processing of all relevant corporate actions. It allows for effortless updating of your share register, conducting annual general meetings via video call, executing capital increases, and distributing shares to your investors’ securities accounts at any bank.


Reduce Risk & Costs

All shares and corporate actoons are managed on one platform.


Incease transparency by making all mutations and ownership changes tracable.

Easy To Use

Focus on investors, financing, business, and clients – not on back-office processes.

CRE Loans

an end-to-end platform

Our client provides professional services covering the digital contract negotiation & signing, lifecycle management and digital transfers of commercial real estate (CRE) loans.


Reduce Costs

Lower lawyer fees for the loans negotiation process.


Faster processing & funding and standardized terms & documentation.

Full Transparency

Monitoring and managing the loan portfolio and all its events

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