Capital Markets Use Cases

Digital Contract solutions for Capital Markets

The capital market industry is undergoing rapid changes, financial instruments are being enhanced by the automatization of new technology and the expectation of the industry is high. Big incumbents are challenged by disruptive innovation and therefore, have to make sure that they can drive product innovations on the one hand and work more efficiently on the other. However, today many actors in the financial industry work in isolation from one another, which leads to high harmonisation and reconciliation efforts. Deon Digital Technology connects existing CeFi decision-making systems with DeFi technology.

Digital Bond Issuance Platform

A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to offer services for issuers and arranger banks to automate the bond pre-issuance, issuance, and lifecycle processes. The integration into the bank’s legacy systems is seamless through standardized interfaces.

The London-based venture was co-founded by the former managing director of Barclay’s public sector global finance division and is backed by the founder of ICAP.


Decrease bond issuance time-to-market

Reduce settlement risk and failures

Legally-compliant representation of the bond

Structured Products Issuance Platform

A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to offer services in relation to the issuance and management of Structured Products. The services include the digitisation of the workflow environment, creation & management of the legal documentation of structured products, and the management and automation of lifecycle events.


Optimize/improve the products time-to-market

Increase the issuance capabilities of certificates

Reduce operational risks arising from manual activities

Registered Shares Issuance and Life Cycle Management

A register to serve founders and investors. For registered shares, it assists clients in recording ownership unambiguously via automated processing of all relevant corporate actions. Easily keep your share register up-to-date, conduct annual general meetings by video call, carry out capital increases and allocate shares to your investors’ securities account at any bank.


Reducing risk and costs by managing your shares on one platform

Increase transparency

Attract new investors and financing

Digital Commercial Real Estate Loans

A digital end-to-end platform for the tokenization of commercial real estate loans that supports the entire digital representation of the life-cycle of commercial real estate loans, from legal inception, funding, coupon payment, information events, to final redemption.

In addition, realstocks seeks to fractionalize the loans and offer them in a digital form as a loan token on the realstocks marketplace. This will create an alternative to zero to negative interest rate deposits.


Lower prices for loans (arranging and margin)

High LTV, faster processing / funding and standardized terms & documentation

Highly liquid alternative to deposits with higher yields

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