Digital Contract solutions for Insurance


Disruptive innovators and cost inefficiencies

The insurance industry is behind other parts of the financial industry when it comes to Digital Transformation. However, it started to gain momentum. At the same time, the industry has to deal with operational cost inefficiencies and old, inflexible and costly IT systems that stall a progressive approach towards modern client needs and expectations. 

To overcome these challenges, new technology solutions are needed that can efficiently adjust to the needs of different markets, lines of business, and to new business models while not locking users in specific workflows and automation solutions over time.


Insurance systems designed for agility and growth

Together with our Partner Gossmann & Cie. Deon Digital developed claims management software (Huston) that is designed for system agility and fast legacy portfolio integration. Huston will be able to interact with portfolio investigation tools based on the latest AI and machine learning technology. 

The software is designed such that insurance portfolios with different underlying data models can be unified in one application. An innovative tech stack makes workflow and user interface changes easy. 

As a result, customers start servicing claims within weeks instead of years after project kick-off.

Additionally, our portfolio investigation tool helps to reassess liabilities and to prioritize work by systematically screening business communication (e.g. email, letters, or court rulings) and validating it against technical ledger entries.


Short Time to Market

Thanks to the technology choices, system changes do not need to come along with year-long transformation projects. Huston is designed for a fast portfolio takeover and can quickly adapt to new market and workflow circumstances.

Manage multiple portfolios from one hand

Manage all your claims in one system. Use portfolio specific workflows and automation rules with generic portfolio (actuarial) reporting, portfolio analysis, business communication and user rights management.

Optimize workflows and transparency

The holistic data and process approach enables to organize business communication around the product workflows and not around document management systems.

Optimize liabilities

Apply Deon Digital data analytics and machine learning technology to the historical claims ledger to reassess and optimize future liabilities.

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